How to Fix WordPress Login Issues

There are different reasons that can cause WordPress login issues, such as an incorrect password, browser cookies and cache, and plugins interfering with your login page. In this article, we will show you how to troubleshoot such issues.

1. Update your password

If you have various passwords or usernames for your different online accounts, it’s easy to forget or mistype a password. To change your WordPress admin password, simply go to Site Tools > WordPress > Install & Manage > Manage Installations > click on the Actions menu next to the desired domain > Update Admin Password

update WordPress admin password

Choose the administrator username in Select User and enter the new password. To get a random strong password, use Generate. To preview the password, click Unhide. After you confirm the change, try to log into your WordPress site again.

2. Reset cookies and cache

Sometimes the WordPress login issue fix is in your browser’s cookies and cache settings. Cookies are small text files, saved on your computer with information gathered from the websites you have visited. The cache, on the other hand, is used by browsers to store parts of the website locally, so they can be loaded faster. To fix any possible errors with cookies and cache, you have to reset them.

Since WordPress needs cookies to be enabled during the login process in order to work properly, first check if your browser’s cookies are enabled (ChromeFirefoxSafariOpera). Then clear both your cookies and cache and try to log into your WordPress admin.

3. Deactivate plugins

Troubles with the WordPress admin login can also be caused by your plugins (in cases when there is a conflict between plugins or if a plugin has issues with its updating). You can solve this problem by deactivating your plugins. Since you are unable to enter your dashboard and do this action there, a smart way to disable your plugins is directly from the database.

Another proper way of disabling plugins is by using WP-CLI (a command-line interface that allows the users to manage their WordPress web sites from the command prompt over SSH). To disable a plugin via WP-CLI, execute the command listed below:

wp plugin deactivate Plugin_Name

4. White screen of death error

As its title says, the ‘white screen of death’ is a type of WordPress error that displays a blank white page when you try to log in. It’s a common error and there are various reasons behind it that you can see how to address in our video lesson below.

5. Wrong permissions of files and folders

Sometimes the issue with the WordPress login can be caused by incorrect permissions of WordPress files and folders, which interfere with your access as an administrator. To fix that, go to Site Tools > WordPress > Install & Manage > Manage Installations > Actions menu > Reset Permissions > Confirm.

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